Thursday, January 5, 2012

There's an Ape for That

The BBC (one of my favourite sources of both hard news and the odder side of life) has reported on a project being organized by charity organization Orangutan Outreach to put an iPad in the hands of as many of our red-furred friends as possible.

I say "hands" but Chris Zimmerman, the project head, expressed apprehension as to what, precisely, an orangutan might do with such a piece of technology, "whether they meticulously take them apart or just snap them in half".

Orangutans are well known to be extremely intelligent so, presented with an Apple product, my guess is the latter.

To protect the devices from iOS-induced rage, the keepers are allowing the apes to use the iPads through the bars of their cages, or to watch videos through glass barriers. Apparently David Attenborough is a perennial favourite.

All joking aside, I actually think it's a great idea. For one thing, it's a great way to keep orangutans in the public eye as the conservation needs are great for these animals. Additionally, it's fascinating to see how these apes, one of the most remarkable and intelligent creatures we share our planet with, deal with technology.

Of course, if they were that smart they'd probably be using Android.

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